Why Don’t You Try RUSTIC PIZZA

The best pizza I’ve ever eaten is……the INVERNO from RITROVO in Pretoria.  It’s one of my top 10 restaurants to visit.  If you’re in Pretoria and you haven’t eaten at Ritrovo, I must ask you, where on earth have you been?  Now don’t assume it just serves pizza, they serve real Italian food made by real Italianos!

2nd favorite pizza would probably be from Piza e Vino, especially their gluten-free bases are wonderful.

But because I live far from the city, I’ve resorted to making my pizza bases, sauces and topping it as I wish.  Yes, there is a pizza take-out place here, but I honestly do enjoy making my own pizza.  I know what I put in, and that I can make it healthier, especially using GMO free, unbleached and organic flour.

Here is my base recipe, however the toppings are up to you.


  • 250gr flour, preferably organic
  • 1ml salt
  • 40gr butter
  • 80ml milk


  1. Sift your flour and salt into a little bowl.
  2. Heat the butter and milk until the butter has melted, then add it to the dry ingredients.
  3. Sprinkle flour on to a clean table, divide the mixture into two balls, and then slightly knead each ball. (if too dry, add more warm milk mixture)
  4. Roll out each ball flat into a pizza shape.
  5. Place the pizza base on to a pizza tray if you have one.  Smear the sauce over and then add your toppings, bake for about 15-20 min at 200degC until the edges are crispy and the cheese has melted.

The perfect base sauce I find is to just roast tomatoes and onions with salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs, then blending it all together as I do with my Bolognese recipe.

This recipe makes 2 pizza bases.  Double the recipe if you’d like more.  Remember that this is a rustic, thinly based and crispy pizza base.  Don’t expect a thick bread like base.  You’re also more than welcome to add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of yeast to the mix, but it’s not all that necessary.

This recipe I used the GMO-free, unbleached whole-wheat flour from the Champagne Valley range
Spreading out the homemade tomato and onion sauce

This time I added some mince I had frozen from a previous bolognese night
Topped with onion, olives and pieces of pitted dates


As you can  see, I’m not all that worried about the perfect round pizza.  It’s rustic, it’s real.

After baking your pizza, top it with fresh herbs or avo.

Also, don’t use too many toppings at first.  Start slow if you’re unsure of yourself.

You can use gluten-free flour too with this recipe.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, ask away in the comment box below, or on the Facebook page.

MuchLuv, BeBlessed

Sandy Nouwens


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