What went wrong?

Hey peeps.

So this blog will be a lot different to that of PoutPerfection’s blog.

Today I’m thinking about couples. I hear so many stories about girls having to leave the house and fend for themselves right after school. Their parents want them out. ASAP. I’m blessed to be in a family who support me till the end.

Yes. Many people will think, “that is your family and not everybody is as lucky as you”. Doesn’t matter if you’re poorer, prettier or more connected than most. There is a thing called responsibility and caring for your kids. So many parents complain about their children’s behavior. Hello, clearly the parent missed something along the line.

…This girl was forced by her mother to leave the house after school. She moved in with her boyfriend. He is an irresponsible young guy. Likes to party. Likes to drink and doesn’t give two shits about his chick. She has left him and gone back to him countless times. Now she is pregnant. And he doesn’t care. She’s moved out and he still doesn’t care. Clearly this dude hasn’t grown up, but then again this chick is stupid. If a guy keeps cheating on you (not only with woman), but cheating you from a good life constantly and you allowed him to, then you have to live with the decisions you made! She can’t really rely on her family. Since they kicked her out. And the dumbass of a man she clearly chose doesn’t give a crap. Now what?

My question here is, where did it all go wrong? Obviously her mother was brought up in such a way that fending for yourself is the way to go. Just because her daughter has a “failed” relationship, doesn’t mean its her problem alone. In a sense it’s the moms and (dads) problem too. Not so?

In today’s world, one shouldn’t expect a girl to move out ASAP and fend for herself. To be honest, at 18 we are all still babies and stupid. Boys obviously need to learn about life in order to become men. They need nurturing too. But it’s a different kind.

I’m a believer that the world got stuffed as soon as women started this career thing. Majority of families now, have both parents working and usually their kids are doing what they want. Making their own ever so childish decisions. Yes, women can have a hobby and careers I guess. But the proper role of a woman is to nurture. To gather. The glue that holds the family together is the woman. And yes, some will say, but life is expensive. Both have to work.

I agree. And life isn’t easy anymore. But honestly. We as the human race got it to this point. Our egos and all. I’m not saying a woman shouldn’t have equal rights to men. They should, of course. But women these days all want these major careers. Marrying so late. And having kids late. Then you get the other extreme. Girls in school are getting pregnant. That’s too early. Where are the parents? Usually both at work or are single parents.

Another problem. Poorer people have shit loads of children. I didn’t ask you to breed now did I? I would not make babies if I didn’t have insurance that I could support them.

Anyway. Now this chick is lonely, pregnant and will most likely take this guy back. Which i totally disagree with, coz he ain’t the sharpest tool.

Believe me, I’ll be the first to tell you not all men are the same. I have a family full of amazing and wonderful men with difficult wives. Haha. But this dude? Na ah.

I believe problems of the world today stems from……

Plain and simple. You will think, what about drugs and alcohol? Well, what about it? It’s tv that glamorises success as being rich, famous, egotistical. Look at MTV. Our children are learning that women have to shake their booties, look a certain way, dance like they humping who knows what and just adorn the douchbag holding booze, driving a Lamborghini, holding his crotch and act like a pimp. This is the impression going into kids minds? Men can and should have more than one woman? Money is the only success? Violence is cool? (dog fighting) and women are just stupid idiots dancing? If tv never existed, we wouldn’t even know this to be so called success.

Living in SA. In the middle of nowhere, I see little kids acting like celebrities. It’s not who they are, but what they see. Their essence is all gone. We are losing ourselves people.

You get couples going to clubs. That’s just looking for shit. You get people that say its fine to look, but not touch. what bullshit is that? You show yourself and your partner respect. It’s about training your mind. Simple. If you don’t, you keep feeding the circle of ignorance. When will it stop? It stops by you.

I never look at a man and think, oh wow. His soooooo hot. No he isn’t. He isn’t yours to think that. And if he thought the damn same about you, he would be in your arms and not your pathetic bf whom you have now. Same applies to you men thinking about chicks.

I’m sorry if I’m so random. I just have soooo much to say. Much more than this.

All I’m saying is. If all the men took responsibility to work. Women would be able to be real women, stay at home and be the gatherers they were meant to be. Men would come home to a happy wife. And women would get spoiled for being the wonderful wives they are. But no. We all want to be on top. When will it end?

…What the eye doesn’t see, can’t hurt the heart. If you didn’t see all the so called greener pastures, your heart wouldn’t lust for it and honestly, you wouldn’t even know about it. Look at what you have now and don’t sit there and think its a waste of time. Think how you can improve yourself in order to improve your other and ultimately your situation. I’ve been in a relationship for over 5 years, and ive learnt to put my nonsense aside and work on the relationship for its greater good. My relationship with my bf has only improved. Every day, week and moth it keeps getting better and better. If I just threw my toys out the cot to get MY way, nothing would work.

I respect a good man. He works, provides and loves. But it must not just be expected from him. It must be given. It’s simple. Do unto others as you would want done to you. Man or woman. This applies for us both.

Stop bullshitting yourself if your in a relationship where you wasting your time. But also don’t give it the option to waste.

I have a mother who was forced to work and still is. And sisters who are elegant housewives. I get to see it from both sides. Believe me, there is nothing great about a mother working in a business. ESP with the husband. He feels he can step all over her. My sisters work hard at being great mothers and still looking damn hot at it. Their relationships are inspirational. When you see them, you want to be married.

I know many will disagree. ESP women. They think I’m telling them to stay at home, cook, clean and look after their hubbies. Well, I am. Haha.

Randomly sandy xx


5 thoughts on “What went wrong?

  1. Cheap & Fab Mom

    wow.. you sure had a lot to say! lol.. I think that’s good that you were getting it all in their. You are not the only one who thinks that the way of life you referred to is best. Many believe that. The problem is, it’s just not realistic in todays economy. Even if kids are being raised in two parent households, these days the mom’s still have to work. otherwise, the children starve and the bills don’t get paid. I think a man, woman, or child can get through anything if they just put their mind to it. Most people are rich beause they had a vision to be reach and so they became. Great post, and thanks for helping my mind to expand and think of new ideas and views.
    love it,
    dee http://cheapandfabulousmom.wordpress.com/

    • Sandylashxx

      Thanks so so much for that Hun. I never get upset with feedback. I just want to learn. Even if I disagree. I learn. Yeah. I had alot to say and there is so much more. Thank you so much for taking time on replying. You’re a wonderful woman! I can tell. XXO loved your comment.

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